Monday, December 10, 2012

Toxic clouds and sunny meadows

Beautiful world it is! Sun makes everything perfect!

A photo taken before Iida's bday party I took part in last Friday :) We really enjoyed ourselves :)

Studying like a true yellow Einstein- chicken.

After a refreshing but still quite nerdy week I managed to pull through two course exams today. Physics for medicine students and The principles of toxicology and pharmacology. I´m feeling so great now! I still have the last one from Swedish for biomedicine students this Thursday. After them my long "holiday" begins. It´s won´t be just a holiday because I have to do my Bachelor's thesis, study a lot for the spring and work.

 Look at those photos I took! Last ones are taken from the train. And soon I´ll be having my new real camera and photos will be so much better, like the ones I have taken when I´ve had Elvira's camera in use, (the ones I took from her graduation party, Sabina's prom, and on our summer trips...) Can´t wait it. The quality of photos is still one of the most important things in blogs and I absolutely love taking them... You should see the bunch of my work that I´ve chosen to be framed... :D

Sunny winter days... I mean it was so breath taking. I didn´t even mind the cold. There is still one thing I do mind and it´s my hair! Every time when temperature drops below zero my hair starts smelling like a exhaust fumes!  And I mean it really SMELLS like a toxic cloud... Do you have the same problem? I hate this so much!

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  1. fujj sad pricam sa kolegicom kako kosa smrdi cim zimi izadjes vani :S grozno! mogla bi je prati 2x na dan :D