Monday, December 3, 2012

One thrilled snow flake

It's just so beautiful... :)

Hot cayenne cocoa drink, a relaxing weekend and studying :)

Pheew... One pretty intence workout at Fressi.  First 20minutes on a cross-sprinter with a heart rate 180, then one hour at the gym. I was totally exhausted... Sweat was pouring in my ears... :D it was really tickling O.O

It's a little cold in here. -23 degrees... I'm so happy to sit in the warm train and watch this magical filmstrip through the window. The sun is shining, everything is covered with white sparkling snow and finnish counryside couldn't be any more beautiful... :) I love this weather! I would love to be a snowflake for one day - one that doesn't mealt and can fly non stop ;)
I love my travel buddies too... these klementines taste like a heaven now. I always carry fruits or veggies with me... A true bunny in me comes out when I have to travel... These trains are a little late... But I don't actually mind... It's nice to "be out" :D

There is also one thing I'm very happy and excited about!!! *drummmmmms* I bought myself a new camera! Black SONY alpha NEX-5N is now officially mine! >.<


  1. Which methons do you personally use to browse for information for your new entries and which exact search algorithms do you regularly rely on?

    1. Well I usually just write about stuff that keeps popping on my mind :) Nothing more specific can I say about my search methods either :)!

  2. did you celebrate christmas with your family?