Thursday, December 13, 2012


I have few pretty important things to announce.

1. My really long holiday began today right after I finished my last exam. It has been a pretty exhausting week for me, but luckily all this will be rewarded. :) On my way home I went straight to Arnolds to get myself some yammy-yammy chocolate-cafelatte. :) It was really a great way to start my holiday- I´m just so carefree now even if I know that I still have four essays waiting for me. I could go running after this- winter can´t take that pleasure from me, if you dress up the right way and have a good spirit everything will work out good! :)

2. I just got my new camera... So this picture above will be the last one taken with my old just-for-club-camera... :D So what should you aspect:  More posts (you should start kicking Evi on her ass so that she commits herself to the blog more often!) & better picture quality from now on!

3. I am a meatball ready now. I should start doing them myself from scratch now :) !

Have a great holiday !

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