Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Something about me

People have asked me a lot about my life. What and why? How and when? Well I decided to write you  a first post with answers to those questions that will help you to understand me. First topic will be nutrition and sports.

Me when I had almost nothing around my bones- 2007.

Children don´t crave for unhealthy food if they are not taught to! 
I was born in a place where we had enough land to grow our own vegetables and fruits, some of our neighbors were farmers and my granny had chickens so we had always eggs and fresh meat and milk. All those supplements were organically grown, they had a happy and free life and enough sun and water to grow. Then we moved the food changed because now it had to be bought mainly from the supermarkets. My parents have always know how to cook. My dad was a master who wanted to improvise so our food has been diverse, healthy and delicious and we weren´t allowed to drink coke, eat in mc donalds or eat chips and other unhealthy food- it was allowed only in special occasions. Still as I grew up I had problems with food. I didn´t really like whey and unhealthy stuff- the only thing I liked was chocolate and I could manage without it even for 6months. So that part of my nutrition was ok. Children don´t crave for unhealthy food if they are not taught to! If their role models eat good stuff- they will copy that.

Problems I faced up as a teen
I had my growth peak at age 9. I was 159cm then- now I´m only 160cm tall. So I was always one of the tallest and physically most matured girls... Well my weight was 54kg's when I was on 7th grade. And I was a little chubbier than now- not that it was anything that people could notice but my body composition was a bit different than now when I weight 52,5kg's. I was really happy and active person, I started dancing at age 7, played outdoors a lot, volley ball and played the guitar, I had my first boyfriend and I was always the best student in my school. So everything seemed great! At the age of 16 I didn't even notice that I started so skip meals- when it was bed time I remembered that I haven't eaten anything or that I only had one banana/one meal in my stomach from that day. That´s when my weight came down to 42kg's. I had to buy myself smaller jeans- that was great but I had lost my ass and my boobs. That's what really woke me up. Why did I have to be as skinny as my sister Evi? We all three have different body types- I´m the mixture of E and S. And one person I had adored my whole life wanted me and S to be as skinny as E was. So we two were feeling like two fat children even If my BMI was always normal or less. Then one day when I faced problems with my knees I had to stop dancing... I was really upset because that was something I loved more than anything. Doctors said I shouldn't walk more than 1000 steps per day and that a surgery was my only option. I decided not to go throw it, but instead try acupuncture and get myself a personal trainer in the gym. THAT HELPED! 

And again 2007
A fighter
I have always been interested in sports, health, nutrition and medicine and biomedicine. It was always my passion and it still is. That´s why I´m studying these things: I started with cell biology ans sports biology (I have this nature- drive too so I did study ecology and environmental science too...) Then I decided to switch to biomedicine, pharmacy and nutrition studies but I have also studied a lot about sports biology even now and I´m getting my Bachelors degree, and my Masters degree is already planned out too. :) I have always wanted to become a doctor- not the regular one who does what he is told to do, but who THINKS with his own brain and doesn't take anything for granted. I do not believe in the most of the drugs that are prescribed and even less I would like to prescribe stuff such as iron drug regimen to something that can be treated by natural appropriate means not to mention antibiotics... All this information I keep getting from school and science reviews just makes this hunger even bigger... and I won´t be tamed- this world needs TRUE information about the food they are eating and ways they can improve their health!

Difference is not something you should be ashamed of
My food problems are gone now and my workouts have improved a lot. I love this lifestyle I´m having now- I´m able to run again, lift weights, dance and I still stretch like a dancer has to! I tend to make working our a part of my life- it gives me so much back- a healthy body, a better feeling and lots of joy. Health doesn't come that easy- the biggest part is what you put in you. It includes food, drinks and even the drugs and chemicals you put on you as lotions or breath in your lungs. I have never been a smoker, it just gives me the creeps even to think about doing that to my own body and my looks.
I do not like alcohol either- it is something some of my friends do not really understand if they do not share the same opinion. I hate the taste of alcohol, I hate almost all alcohol drinks and I just don´t like the fact that alcohol really makes me feel bored! I´m much more happier person without drinking it, and it just prevents me from doing the things I love next day even if I have never had a hangover. I don´t understand why to put "poison" in my own body if don´t even like the taste of it? Why is it such a shame in western world to be healthy, and why should I as a student spend my money to something I don´t like when I could buy myself something I like with that money? I can say proudly that I don´t need alcohol to feel happy or to have the courage to dance on the table- I can do that the way that is not ruining up my tissues and storing pure and soft fat around my belly. If you drink it you won´t be able to do workouts for few days after it and everything you eat the second day will make you a new donut around your waist. Is it worth it that often? You don´t have to pretend that you like it if you don´t and make up any excuses, your friends should understand that their own lifestyle isn´t something others should be doing too. People who have the courage to be different are brave- no selfish nor "shy nerds who don´t know what the meaning of the fun is". One really important thing is my body image and my ideal body image. I dont like skinny models but healthy looking fitness bodies. I like it when people have curves!

My guidelines around food
- Eat organic, fresh, naturally grown food
- No white sugar not "light" stuff- I use muscovado and palm sugar, agave syrup or honey instead.
- Eat stuff with no gluten in it (the only that I do is whole grain rye) such as oats, quinoa, buckwheat, dark rice...
- Eat clean: No processed foods, artificials, chemically enhanced foods nor colorants. They are bad for you.
- Eat diverse foods, use a lot of herbs and spices and if I use salt I use Celtic sea salt.
- No trans-fats, I tend to use good fats by eating a lots of nuts etc. When I cook I only use cold pressed virgin olive and coconut oils. No others.
- I eat something every 3 hours: small amounts of healthy but delicious food. I get my carbs mainly from fresh vegetables, berries and fruits, and the gluten free "crops".
- I take care of my vitamin D3 supplements and I use vitamins, eat fish and use fish oil capsules.
- I get my vitamins from fresh food and "superfoods". Puhdistamo, CocoVi, FitnessFirst are the places where I buy my Maca, Cumu Cumu, Opti-MSM, Tulsi, Gojis etc from. (This is one thing I like to spend my money on...)
- When eating something sweet I usually eat chocolate or make something good by myself. Chocolate-avocado pudding for example is just great! :D
- I love fresh squeezed juices, water, tea and organic milk, organic milk has no antibiotic residues in it.
- Try new recipes- you won´t get bored to the great taste ;)
- Never think that you are on a diet- You should think that the food in front of you represents your life itself.

What have I learned from all this?
I have exact the same amount of money now than I had before: real food costs less than ready meals. I know what my food contains of and I feel much better now. I haven´t been sick since I renovated my eating habits and I have even more energy left now. I still do not think that I need alcohol at every party I go to. I love the fact that I know that this is the way I am ruining this planet less- no packing materials nor chemical industry needed, chickens have better life and foods I ear have better nutritional value and less calories. Yes this all makes me feel better, healthier and helps me gain my targets I have set to myself. And you know what? It´s never too late to start feeling better! :)



  2. Waude!!! Oot oikea inspiraation lähde! Jokaisen teinin pitäis lukee tää :)

    1. Kiitos :)! Kiva kuulla tuommonen ^^! ei muuta ku teineille valistuskampanja pystyyn ;)