Saturday, January 12, 2013


I hate not having a good computer. My own laptop said kaboom... I don´t have enough money left to buy myself a good and new one right now. So I have to use my other - even more old laptop instead. Before I bought my new camera I was planning on buying either a new Macbook pro or Sony's good Vaio. Well right now I have a camera in my hands, full of photos but I can´t upload them on this laptop... So frustrating. I have so many good ideas to write about but right now it feels like everything is against this blog and writing my bachelor's thesis. How in hell can I do it without a proper laptop which has only 50% working letters... :D I don´t know... At least I found you a few photos from my phone- at least it works even if it´s broken too!

Let´s continue with more happier things - selfmade papaya-meatballs are heaven. Try them - make your meatballs as normal and just add half of a big papaya in it! The best part in them was that they are totally gluten free too- one egg always kicks whey's ass :) I will put a recipe in here later with good photos too! Now I´m off to the gym- it´s a leg and butt day again. My core day was so effective that I´m having muscle soreness even three days after working them out...

Ps. at least I can start on doing the wish posts about nutrition and finish one new travel post from Mostar (part 7 is about to come soon!) :)


  1. Oot kyllä ihan mielettömän kaunis! :)

  2. Mikset enää päivitä formspringiäsi?

    1. en muista koskaan käydä siellä, joten olen tullut siihen tulokseen että se on vähän turha kun tätäkin kautta saa kysymykset perille :)