Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Year 2012

My year 2012 has been pretty much just having a blast with friends, a tiny bit of studying, working and spending every penny I have on food and rent and travelling. I guess the top moment for me was our trip to Bosnia and Croatia. I miss sun and ocean already. The toughest part of last year was probably working as a telemarketer, since it was emotionally very hard. Also managing the autumn without working has been also a challenge. Not that I miss working, but I wouldn't mind having some extra money. 

Living in Jyväskylä has not been as wonderful as last year. I don't know why, guess I just miss all my old friends and having them around all the time. Also waking up in an empty apartment alone every morning has also had some affect. I don't miss Mikkeli, but I miss all the fun I had with my friends every day at school, our every Monday afternoons spent on drinking hot chocolates and gossiping about things that happened during week ends and so on... Maybe I'm just getting old, because I'm not having a blast about little thing as I used to have, or maybe I just haven't met as awesome people as I met in high school. 

For this year I'm going to concentrate on my education even harder and get some practical experience. And maybe I'm even going to follow my big sisters foot steps and start exercising and living more healthy life than I've been living so far. As some of you maybe have noticed Herminica is that little duracel bunny and I'm just a big lazy couch potato. Can sisters be any more different from each other than me and H are? :D

- Evi

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