Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

My story began that way - with a happy company and very dear friends. I want to make this story a good one - like the 2012 was, but this one will be even better. I can feel it. Even my calendar says it´s time for changes. I´m not going to change every part of my story, I just want to be sure that this one has more happy thoughts on each page. I want the pages to be fulled with rainbows, dreams, creativity, strength- physical and mental,  cute and silly animal thoughts, kisses from love, purity and honesty, believing and courage, knowledge and moments of succes. Most importantly I wan´t to feel good in my own skin, nourish it as well as I can, move it and provide it the best food I can. I don´t want pain to paint black spots over my empty pages. I want my chapter to look light, happy and enjoyable voyage. I want it to be real, something I want to look at all over and over again when the last page of it is colored, something I don´t have to regret and I can be proud of like the best artist of her finest piece of art she has ever made. Something that will left a good and stable grounding for the next chapter... :)

This new years eve was amazing. I had such a great time with my lovely friends. We shoot the fireworks, smiled at the sparklers, cooked healthy hamburgers, prepared different vegetables for dipping them in self made guacamole and smetana-spice dressing, drank some good bubbling and good organic white wine, played Alias and other games, watched movies, danced and let our hair go everywhere to the beat- even when we decided to do some ballet... Yes this new year was great - like I expected it to be. :) My friends never let me down :) I didn´t keep a camera with me - at least it´s not broken! :D

 I wish you a Happy New Year guys! Like I said- make it a good one ;)!

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