Monday, January 28, 2013


Having a nap after an exam. Thank god it´s over now... :D I´m just so exhausted of all studying even if it really is fun and interesting to do. My studying-headache was really killing me every morning. After having this nap I felt like a totally new person. It feels like pressing a replay button and recording a totally new story over the old one :)

My second "meal" after a breakfast. This was at 11 am.

Today I have to start doing this "book" from Epidemiology. So much fun...

Going to my workout! 

A part of my pre-workout meal. Natural and organic yogurt + organic oat-müsli and some seeds!

My second choice... I have to wait for the real thing to arrive... :) The healthier one. 

My recovery-smoothie! It has avocados, kiwis, carrots, oranges, bananas, blueberries, milk and that powder in it :) Damn good! + of course I have eaten all other meals too! 

I´m feeling relieved now. I´m home, the exam is done and I´m feeling free like a bird! I wasn't even struggling   this morning even if my sleeping reminded more like a dog's sleep. I have this really annoying neighbor who doesn't even know how to pee... He pees in the middle of that water,  for 5 minutes at least once every hour... and the sound of it echoes even in my apartment! No one else's does! :o That´s not the only problem with him- he doesn't sleep when normal people usually do. He likes to bang around his house even in the middle of the might... and it doesn't stop until the midday. :) I love the dude. At least it was easy to get up when he was working as my alarm clock :)

Past week was great in many levels, I spent some time with my family, met my dear friend A in Amarillo, went to the gym 4 times and met also a daughter of my friend R, a one-year-old baby girl Iris. It was really nice to meet them after so many years of not having enough time to meet each others! I´m heading back to Mikkeli on next weekend too! We are going to a cottage that is located on the island- we have to ski four km's there... :D haha it will be fun!

Right now I think that it´s a smoothie-time again ! :) My blender is the most precious thing to me right now... :D What would I do without it? It´s the best and the easiest way to prepare a healthy snack for a day and be sure that my sweet tooth is saticfied! :D

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