Monday, January 21, 2013

It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting

I love those days when I can jump in my floral jumpsuit, put my big woolen socks on and wrap myself up in a big blanket like a burrito, look at the birds playing through the window and feel the warmth around me that feels like a true hug. The best part of that is the fact that it really is one.

You know the feeling after an exhausting day at school, work, gym... I try not to curse the day. Want to know why? Because the feeling after you see your home door coming closer, put the key in the lock- that's when you feel like you´ve accomplished something. When you put your bag on the floor, take your scarf and jacket off your shoulders you feel pure lightness- lighter than a coca-cola zero. When you sit down and take your shoes off - the feeling of rest and relief conquer not your feet but your mind also. That feeling could not be achieved if these days wouldn´t exist. Without them the candles would not be as calming as they are on those evenings!

A good food is a cocktail made of good taste, freshness, creativity, spices, health, cravings, love and a big hunger shared with the good company.

 Home - can be everywhere you feel complete, relaxed and most importantly safe. I have many homes, places where I can be truly me, where no one is going to see me on my worst, where I can be alone when I feel like it and where I can feel the beauty of life. The most important one of all homes I have is one really special to me- a place where I can still be me, where beauty and love fill up my heart, where my lips burst into a smile the most often and most importantly- where I´m never on my worst and where I´m never alone- that´s The armpit.

Spontaneous things- aren´t they the ones that make a good and a wanted twist into our lives? Cravings are something spontaneous. I´m sure that this row of chocolate isn´t the most spontaneous thing during the day, but it´s always good for me. Like spontaneous things tend to be.


  1. Tää postaus oikeen huokuu ihanaa positiivisuutta <3

  2. Ihan pakko liittyy lukijaks! Lueskelin äskön sun aikasempia postauksia ja erityisen tarkasti sen missä kerroit itsestäs ja vaikutat niin inspiroivalta ihmiseltä! Kirjotat tosi hyvin ja oot ihan mielttömän kaunis!:)

    1. Voi kiitos Janina :)! Kirjotetaan niin hyvin kun enkuks vääntyy, koitetaan ainakin kovasti saada kivaa tekstiä :D Mutta hyvä kun tykkäät :)! On ilo tehdä muille iloa :)!