Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So this is how much I took pictures from New Years Eve :D. I was so concentrated on having fun, that I didn't even remember I had a camera. I spent the evening with my best friend Eve just drinking champagne and eating grate food. Sabina and her two friends were also with us the first few hours. Later at mid night we went to watch fireworks and after that we met few more friends at a bar. I had a grate time and thanks for drinking only champagne, I had no hang over the next day!

Me and Eve made some new years promises for this year and I promised to start exercising again and to take an effort on my studies. Well I'm on a grate start! I have already applied to be a part of a project that organizes this years Finnish ski jumping championship. It's going to be fun! And yesterday I went on a body pump lesson and it was the toughest of my life! On every step on my way to home I thought my legs were going to collapse. But it was worth it and after a long time I could clearly feel the endorphin running through my veins. 

On my holiday we were in Kuopio for one week end and there I did some shopping in IKEA. I bought those cute white frames and actually Herminica bought them too. We kind of share similar taste in decorating since we have the similar kitchen tables, TV stands, work desks, bedspreads and now also those picture frames. I still haven't chosen what kind of a pictures to put in them and I'm not planning to keep them on that dresser but to put them on a wall above my couch. I also bought that adorable parchment for my bedroom since I hated the dark blue carpet I used to have there. I just noticed that everything I bought is white, guess I'm missing some light in this dark winter time. I used to have dark grey curtains, but I think these white ones are a lot better, though they are, besides the color, similar to the old ones. 

Have a good night everyone!
- Evi

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