Friday, January 25, 2013

Burn all the stress aside with the fat

My fringe has grown pretty fast, yeyyy!

New cardigan and bracelet. I adore them both:) It's just so comfy to wrap that cardigan around me while watching TV.

My studying corner and "healthy" lunchtime!

How do you people manage stress? Feels like H manages pretty well, or then she has nothing to stress about. But I've just been drowning these few weeks with the amount of school work I've got. Every time some one has needed a volunteer for some task I've been raising my hand. And now I don't have time for anything. My days start from 10 Am and end at its best at 8 Pm. Luckily I have found some time for the gym, but at the down side I've been eating a lots of chocolate and like today, I bought my lunch from Mc. 

The other thing I do when I'm stressed is I meet friends at every spare time I have. I've been seeing friends that I haven't spoken to in six months! But when I'm stressed I start to appreciate all the old good times that I've spent with my friends and I really don't want to miss them. And the best way to relax after a long working day is to have fun with friends and do something foolish and out of ordinary and NOT to talk about the amount of work you still got to do. Today I'm planning to have the whole evening for myself!

The workout I've done this week:

Monday: 30 min on treadmill and 60 min body pump lesson
Tuesday: 60 min mixed step and muscle training
Wednesday: 60 min combatic lesson
Thursday: day off
Friday:  60 min body pump

- Evi


  1. Hei mä en ole kommentoinut tänne koskaan, mutta tää teidän blogi on mun suosikki! Mainitsin sen myös mun postauksessa ( ), toivottavasti se on ok :)Tykkään niin paljon tästä, ootte niin kauniita ja nää kaikki kuvat ja tekstit saa niin hyvälle tuulelle koska ne on niin positiivisia!

  2. Ohoo :) Hauska kuulla ! :D Kiitos paljon positiivisista jutuista Alina :)! Kurkkailin äsken siunkin blogia niin kivalle vaikutti ;)!

  3. tykkään tosi paljon sun tukasta !!! ihana