Saturday, November 26, 2011

About my love for snowflakes

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I decided to make a list about the things I love in Winter. I know that winter can really suck sometimes and it  really isn't fun to be in dark the whole 2 to 3 months, be in a hurry and notice that you can´t drag your luggage on wheels, go to a store a notice that you are totally in sweat because you have too much clothes on and your skin in so pale and hair is always giving kisses to the walls around you. I think that maybe winter is really for loving and enjoying your own time. We just have to think about things we enjoy in it and remember them when we feel like winter could kiss our pale asses.

1. I love curling up in front of the fireplace
2. You can always light up candles and enjoy the beautiful view they make
3. Marshmellows... you know when there is fire there is always a time for them
4. I love knitted things from woolen socks to mittens, shirts, scarves and hats
5. The air is always so fresh... it really brightens up my day
6. When it´s always dark you can at least enjoy all the christmas lights on streets
7. New Year's party, fireworks and those sparklers !!
8. I love cuddling when it´s cold outside, it makes me feel special
9. I love wearing funny and warm slippers
10. What is better than wrapping yourself in a cozy and warm blanket?
11. Bubblebaths and sauna after being out... aah
12. It´s a perfect time to sip mulled wine, hot tea and hot chocolate around the clock
13. I love skating on ice ! I really mean it! I loveeeee it!
14. There is nothing funnier than catching snowflakes with my tongue!
15. You know how it looks like when everything is in frost, there's so much white snow around.... and the sun starts shining and the sky is blue! I love the way snow starts sparkling like thousands of diamonds...
16. It´s so nice to see how little dogs get totally excited in snow.... :D it makes me smile
17. I love making snowmen and all kind of snow fights
18. I love making and eating ginger breads... and decorating them!
19. There´s no better chocolate than Fazer's two different winter chocolates!
20. Winter always reminds me of dreaming... you know you have so much time for yourself that you really have time to think about stuff. Because of this I always want to visit Lapland, rent a cottage for two and enjoy the time there without stress.
21. I really admire the way nature acts. Have you ever really looked at the shape of snowflakes? They are... something beyond amazing.
22. I like the sound of walking on the snow. 
23. It´s just so pure. White makes everything so beautiful and the way how it rains on trees... Wow.
24. Laying in the snow.
25. You have a long holiday and so much time to do things you want.
26. I like the way your cheeks turn to red- winter puts some cute blush to everyone.
27. I love to watch how birds eat.
28. Drawing in snow :)
29. Walking hand in hand when it´s snowing 
30. Knowing that no bear is going to attack you :---)


  1. Jao, kako divan post! Sjajno si ti sve to pobrojala i opisala... baš po mom ukusu sve!
    Sad jedva čekam snijeg... :)