Thursday, September 15, 2011

All you need is...

The sun is shining! I think that crossing our fingers helped. I woke up from a terrible nighmare at 9am. Hate that feeling of anxiety you have after dreaming bad things. Luckily there was this sun cheering me up when I realized I don´t have to wear my raincoat again and one pretty nice SMS that made me smile and realize everything is ok :). Then I had to go to my physics lesson and I bought the ticket to the freshmens cruise also! I think it´ll be fun :)! Then I just came home and started washing dishes... I still have to clen up the rest of my home and pack for my trip to Mikkeli tomorrow. One thing I found were these shos I bought from Mango maybe 3 years ago, I decided to cut those leatherthings that go around your ankle and now I Love them! They look so much better on my feet and don´t "cut" my legs like they did. I also have to study today after all this clening and finish planning my timetable. For the award I´ll eat those yammy Jacky puddings I love<3 Everything will be done that´s for sure but now let´s just concentrate to enjoying the weather and the sun. :)

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