Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yea we had our freshmen-cruise, It went well but the weather was a real badass b. Well at least we had a nice time and all organized happenings were great (I loved to "fish" chocolate and all surprice-bags!!) Gins made the night sweet but I was home probably at 11 pm and had a tee-time with my neighbour Minna :D. I think it was much better way to enjoy my freetime than by sitting in this bar called Apteekkari. I don´t really like the place at all.

I also went to Jyväskylä and we had such a nice weekend in there. Jenna had her b-day party and it was so nice to see everybody again :) It was so different night but it really was so fun, chill and the mood was just great, relaxed and great. It was nice to play different games and eat delicious cupcakes and chips. I think I´ll get the pictures from the party too, but maybe later. Jyväskylä never lets me down, that´s for sure :) And my darlings, they neither<3

Now it´s time to take a shower, tomorrow I have to wake up at 6 am to go take some blood tests. I have to be awake AND up at least 2 hours before it. I also had this radiation lab today and it was really fun to play with gamma rays... :D

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