Tuesday, September 20, 2011

first time running in ages !

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This is what one of my basic schooldays looks like. I usually wake up too late (not that I couln´t wake up earlier but I always put sleeping before eating, doing my hair etc...). I never take a shower before school because I prefer taking showers before going to sleep. That´s how I usually don´t have to use a diffuser and my hair stays in much better condition. I don´t even use irons usually. I just let my hair be as it wants, and with little amounts of styling creams, hair sprays and different masks etc it looks good. I have never dyed my hair and I´m thinking that maybe I could try highlights (so that it looks like sun has done them). Maybe, maybe...

I came just home straight after school and went running for the first time in maybe five years. I have had big problems with my knees and I haven´t been able to run without feeling the pain. Yesterday I just felt brave enough to try. I have warmed out by bycicle before going to the lake valkeinen (one of the most beautiful places to jog in here in Kuopio) so I only had to do quick streching. I decided to run 2km and walk 1km for now and it was quite easy. I still think it was better not to go any further now and let my legs to adapt to this. I just felt so great after that and after a loooong long shower that it was time to have a girls tee-time with my neighbour Minna. :) We had planned to watch Borat but it was just so lame movie that we rather searched for the stupid songs and laughed at them.. :D Basic.


  1. oot tosi nätti (:

  2. voi kiitos :)! pieni päivän piristys :)

  3. Oot ihan älyttömän kaunis ja sun blogi on tosi kiva :) Oon niin kateellinen sulle sun bosnialaisuudesta, ite oon aina halunnu lähtee Sarajevoon :D

  4. Ootpa ihana mul on ikävä :)<3 ps. mitä makkaraa sun leivän päällä on? :D

  5. Nora: Kiitos! :D Mikset vaan bookkaa lippuja ja lähde! ;) siel on aina ihanaa ! :D

    Sabsi: voi kulta miulla siua myös<3 no mullon siinä metua :D !