Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend at my parents :)

Why is it all about food when you go to meet your parents and sisters? I can´t say that I´m one of those students who only eat noodles and shit that has no good nutrients etc in it. I always make sure that I can afford to eat good and healthy because without that I wouldn´t have enough energy to study, to have fun or to excercise. Noodle-diet is not even an option. I made those rolls with my sister Sabina on saturday. We had also great beefsteaks, potatoes and peppersauce and  chickensallad. The best breakfast was thoug that raspberry-fitness-non-flavoured-youghurt and honey- thing. I love it and it really gives the great boost for the day and you don´t even crave for candy after it. I really think that we all should think what we eat and try to avoid white sugar, white wheat and trans-fats as good as possible. That´s a good start to give yourself a favor your body will not forget.

I had to wait Anni and her friends to come and get me... First I went out two hours too early.... yea silly me. I just stood there and wondered why aren´t they coming. :) ...second time I went out I had to wait for them for 30 minutes but I wasn´t even frustrated- It was such a nice weather that I enjoyed my time out. :) I went out with my friends too on friday. Iina and Tiia had a housewarming party and we has so much fun there. I have no pictures from the evening because I forgot my camera as usual....

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