Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Say hello to toga!

I forgot to tell you about this toga party we has last week. I wasn´t planning going there but then my friend Anni called my an hour before the party begun that I must come with her and her friends. Luckily I went, we had some candy, made ourselves togas out from old sheets, put some wannabe-greek jewellery on and drove to the place. Togas are for medicine students in here. There was this sauna we didn´t go but oh boy.... everyone was naked in there. Maybe that´s a great way to learn about human anatomy? :D We though kept out togas on tightly. I´m not so comfortable in my own skin just to wonder around naked in front of a bunch of strange people. Minna (my neighbour who lives in the very same trap and floor as I do) who is my good childhood fiend is coming here soon. We are about to start watching  something from the telly and dring some good night tee together. :) I like theese kind on living arragements! You have your own place and space to decorate, to clean to mess it up, to cook, to wonder around naked and to meet your friends, but there´s always someone who is near enough to have a brunch with or to who give your extra- burana. :)

.... and oh boys it´s still raining.... I hate going to the lectures by bycicle when it´s raining. I have my raincoat on but legs are always just wet! Hopefully it´s going to be much more better wather tomorrow! Cross your fingers for it!

- Herminica :)

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  1. Ihan pakko huomauttaa tosta kirkkoveneestä sun hymyilevän naamas vieressä tossa ekassa kuvassa:D!