Sunday, September 18, 2011

last days of summer holiday

I went to Jyväskylä two weeks ago to meet Teemu and Jenna. I forgot my memo-stick there so I´m little late with this post. It was the last warm weekend this year though and I enjoyed it soooo much. There were "only" sun, great food, my two very best people on this planet, great B&J ice cream (but this Nordic peace is not my favourite), the city center and love and laugh to keep me company. By saying "only" I mean there wasn´t tv nor computer there in my sisters home (my old home). What more could I wish for? Nothing :) I loved all walking down the streets at night, shopping and eating and watching birds how they took a bath in the fountain. Oh and yes I also met my friend Merim and we went to the terrace to drink mojitos and enjoy the weather. It was my first real mojito (made like it should be made) and it really was something! While not having all electronics in there I had to invent something new to do- something I usually can´t do because of the lack of time- I wrote my diary and sat on the window and waved with my feet to the whole world. The sun just shone and the warm wind blow and I couln´t stop smiling. I know I´m happy :)

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