Thursday, September 22, 2011

Walk the river and other things I love when it´s raining

I know now for sure that it´s autumn. Today I had the priviledge to wear my raincoat again and go to school by bycicle (not the most wonderful combo in such a hurry but...). It was still nice to come back home when I just could pedal my bike slow, smell the air and grass and the sweet scent from rotting apples. It was just nice to wonder around and be amazed. Everyday is not a "oh I love the rain"- day (when you have something you´de like to do without umbrellas and raincoats like having picnics out). But what do I actually love about rain and the autumn?

-All trees are dressed in different colours from yellow to pinky red. It´s so wonderful.
- Wearing sweaters and leather jackets
- Nights with candles and big pillows
- Hot chocolate with some spices: chili, cinnamon, mint, ginger, clove, allspice, peppermint, marshmellows, smarties, caramel... etc
- The sound of rain on my windows, it´s such a great way to fall asleep
- Walking around with your umbrella and just watching around, the nature is so beautiful
- Going to pick some berries, mushrooms and eating new apples directly from the trees
- Baking and cooking- I always get excited and have enough time to do that
- Autumn makes me wanna decorate my home, each year
- Seeing your breath
- Long walks at night
- You always have time for yourself- you can have a spa at your home :)
- When you can´t go out- you can always go to the gym 
- Watching great movies
- Hugging and kissing in chillllllllly weather- makes you warm :)
- Jumping in big piles of leaves
- Seeing how raindrops go down your window and guessing which one is going to be first
- Watching calm lakes and the amazing mist above it
- Autumn sunsets
- Lightning the fireplace
- Wearing scarves and mittens
- Pumpkins- nothing more to add
- Morning fogs
- Flushed ckeeks
- Listening to the sound when leaves drop off
- Dressing up- so much more great opportunities to mix and match
- Crispy and fresh air- makes you happy and cheery
- Listening to the good music with no hurry, for exc. this song :)


Yep I think I love autumns too :) Hope you do too!

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