Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I´m sick

After one great weekend comes always one stupid virus, I woke up to terrible pain in my throut and my chest. I decided to take a little peek in there and tadaa there it was that tiny white spot <3 I took my phone and called to the doctor so that I could go there tomorrow and cancel my time for the dentist. I hate that I´m this tired all the time. There´s just too much noise in the corridor, they are changing the locks (including mine). Well at least I went to Arnolds with Minna and now I´m eating Dops-cookies <3 They are just the best.

I just hope that I don´t have to remove my tonsils... If this angina is really chronic one then I will. I don´t really enjoy being sick every winter + I don´t want to infect others around me. I hope that this will pass by soon. I really feel so weak at the moment that I think I will just continue my evening by lying on the sofa...

- Herminica


  1. that tiny white spot is called angina tonsillaris not angina pectoris..angina pectoris=rasitusrintakipu

  2. It wasn´t angina at all :( It is come kind of a virus now + now I have to go to the dentist.... love it.