Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Good and blue morning

okay a little odd facial expression  but you can see the sleeves on this one

Shirt from GT- I bought it + 2 panties with total 1,65€, I´m a lucky bastard (the real price would have been about 35€).

Good morning everyone, I had to woke up early to go to meet the doctor... I was about to shut my door and I left my middle finger between it... Now it´s blue and matches my shirt. I knew that something "bad" is about to happen when I woke up because of my nightmare again! I had broken my lower jaw somehow and because of that all of my teeth kept falling off. I concentrated to follow my falling teeth when I noticed that I had this big pregnant belly!! I don´t even want to think about the rest of the dream :D All I can say is that my belly was totally red and reminded me of a tomato... you can just keep guessing what I gave birth to...

Luckily I woke up with no such problems and now I´m sitting on my couch and eating my breakfast. I will study after this, then I have lectures at evening and after them I´ll meet Anni at Memphis. It´s going to be a nice day after all :) (I knew it that moment when I saw that little chihuahua jumping towards me and the old lady smiling, I walked back to my home with them =) I just adore kind old people and their animals :D ! I want a dog too... so badly!


  1. äää oot iha superkaunis (:

    1. voi kiitosta tiia :)! Niin olet kyllä sinäkin yhtälailla kuvasta päätellen ! :)!

  2. Voih nää kuvat on NIIN ihania :D <3 voisin halia sut nyt ja pialta sun kauniin kampauksen.