Saturday, January 14, 2012

we have a driveway to explore, you and me + photos from pipefest

I really love this song below, it makes me want to dream about everything. Right now I´m having this biggest desire to go off to the road and travel. I really need it, I can´t imagine that I´ve been an entire year in Finland now. Last summer was really nothing when compared with all the previous ones. It had it´s own great things like Pipefest (I´ll put some photos below), midsummer fest etc but... I need mountines and the ocean, that dry heat and all little pretty things like sound of grasshoppers and really clear nightsky. I want to get my smirnoff with just one euro and eat the best but still cheap pizza and tikvica (it has squash in it + it´s too good to be true :D). This is still not a summer fever, I just want to go to a place where I can´t go often. It can be Helsinki too or just a lonely cottage somewhere. Luckily we have some plans now and I´m just waiting to see if they´re going to happen. 

Finally I got my 10 hours sleep. I´ve been really exhausted fter the RUK cource celebration and my 3 exams during this week + school. At least we made some orange, grapefruit and lemon juice at laboratory because we were kinda bored and it was really delicious! I could start making my own juices from now on. The ones from stores... are not even worth comparing with. 

I´m waiting my girl Jenna to come here from Jyväskylä. I´m really keen of seeing her again! I just can´t wait to have her around :) Now I´ll put some photos from the Pipefest last summer- it was the best time I and we had. I was there with 9 girls from Jyväskylä and then our friends arounf Tampere came there too :) It was just the best- but I forgot my camera... At least I found some of the photos. It was all about fun from thursday to sunday, we had a xmas goose, drunken pony called reijo, many great singers, beatbox and dance battles, 2 cottages where to hang out (and our was right behind the biggest stage...:D), sauna, warm water, a tent area, good food, the best company, enough food and drinks, the best ideas ever.... etc. (+ random guys who entertaned us by shouting different silly things to us... and those random people who got lost into our cottage...=D)

my baby was little tired
love those husky eyes.


  1. Samo da prijavim da redovno čitam tvoj blog i mislim da je odličan! :-)


  2. Oh love your blog, this post is great & ur pretty! I think Im gonna read your older posts now.

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    1. Thank you VT :) I´m glad to hear that !:)