Thursday, January 26, 2012

and even angels will fall

Mmm :) as you can see I´ve got this halo above my head now, I got it after tasting this food my dad made. He really knows how to cook I can say :D That´s why I love to spend my weekends down there ;) My mama knows the secrets of cooking as well so... maybe that´s why I´m used to eating tasty and healthy food.  I rarely eat at school because in my opinion that food is not as good as the one I can cook for myself, eats fun, easy and much cheaper. (In school it costs about 1,90€). I´m cooking right now too, some sallad, beef meat and dark pasta with sauce :) The meat is melting now, because I forgot to take it out of the deepfreeze in the morning. I was at school, voting and after that I went to the gym. I had aten only pineapple chunks before it so... Of course I felt little bad after it and my 5km walk. I still have to study and take a shower, clean this place and get ready. Phuuuh. I just wan´t that food to be ready as soon as possible! I want to eat it!


  1. muokkaat ihanasti nää sun kuvat ja oot niiiin kaunis ettei rajaa! (: miten muokkaat tuollasen "väriefektin"? jos ymmärsit mitä meinaan :D

  2. tosiiii kaunis!! aattelin että ku löysin sun blogin että sul ois tuhansia lukijoita,yllätyin määrästä.. toivottavasti sulle tulis paljon lisää koska sen arvonen ois! wau you! ;)