Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My Promice:
I will enjoy every moment I´m living- I´ll try to smile even more often and make my life worth living (it already is :) ) but I mean what I´ve told you before: The quality of live should be measured by the number of smiles on your face and moments that take your breath away. Every time I´m feeling blue I´ll try to find at least one thing that makes me happy or is just simply beautiful. It can be a barking cute dog, old granpa who is smiling, new and light green leaves or just a beautiful sunshine or a fresh blow of a wind.

What do I want from year 2012?
1. I want to experience ! New things, old things, familiar things, good things..... everything else but no bad ones. I just want different things in my life, to make it colourful, I don´t want everything to be just simple and white, I want to have many little prismas to make my life burst into all the colours of the rainbow. Every wavelength is warmly welcomed. It can be everything from snorkling to tandem benji jump, from painting on a canvase to running and from learning how to scateboard to tasting different flavours of ice cream.

2. I want to have as many smiles on my "life quality-counter" as possible. So 2012 just BRING THEM ON!

3. More luck in life. I want to accomplish the things I am reaching for, to get good grades from the university, to have less injuries, less disappointments, to have less pimples on my skin,... etc. Just name it.

4. I want to improve my self image. I want to be saticfyed with myself every single day. Life is just too short to hate yourself on some crazy days when alians attack your brains during the nightsleep and do something odd with them. Because of that you see yourself differently when looking on a mirror (when compared to those good days when alians have played poker all night long rather than messed up with you). It´s time to get rid of those bastards and feel good about youself every single day. You´ll just be able to do so many things you´ve never done just by doing it.

5. I want to help people and make them happy, fight against killing this planet, save species, open doors to old people, make surprices to my love ones. I always think what is the best way of doing everything- that's why I even buy my train tickets as e-tickets (it helps the nature) etc... :) I hope I´ll improve my Inner-Mother-Theresa this year.

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