Monday, January 16, 2012

little retarded smile and vocabulary

Hello, as you can see the half of my face can´t still move as it should be moving... thanks to dhat wisdom tooth removal. I can´t even smile as I normally do nor eat what I´d like to eat. Eating lasts for so long that even eating my breakfast (fitness serial, honey, berries and yoghurt) took half an hour of my time. I can´t open my mouth easily nor bite with my other half... Minna was here yeasterday after I said goodbye to Jenna. We even had a pancake evening together with J<3 We drank some camomille tea with M and watched the Venla show together. It´s really comforting and relaxing type of tea ( buy the package which says non cofein) and I always tend to drink it before going to sleep, I flavour it with the honey that my own uncle produces in northern Bosnia. It´s totally organic and nothing is added in it. I like those bees that hang out around our country home back in there, they´re not agressive and I can even pass by their "homes". Don´t know the word in english nor in finnish but my uncle calls them "kosnica" :D Now I feel like a retarded one... how can I forget the word... hmmmp anyways, I still have to do my tasks from analytic chemistry and then go to the lectures this evening + grab something to eat quickly. When I return back home I´ll make me something to eat and do my other tasks I haven´t done yet. :)


  1. you're so pretty :)
    Love Lois xxx