Thursday, February 7, 2013

Live the life you love, Love the life you live

Travelling the world- In Sarajevo

Meeting random people- making the best choices  

Spending time with your family- having a random boat trip 

Doing the silly things with your friends 

Enjoying the little things- feeling the fresh and cooling grass on your skin 

Making something special and different every day - Eating B&J on the 6th floor

Accomplishing something in your life! 

 Meeting those who are not there everyday

 Having a friend who does the silly things with you...:D

 Enjoying the moments and feeling like home

 Feeling the amount of happiness, excitement, love, joy... every positive feeling at the same time and giggling the entire time!

Having those friends who are like a rock to you, the childhood ones. 

 Doing something the most people assume impossible, feeling the endorphine running through you

 Doing something that you love- having a day off

I´ve decided to put those words on my wall to remind me of the pretty little things in my life every single day. I try to make everyday special. It can be done by decorating my meals, lighting up candles, painting, going for a run, watching a Disney movie, playing the guitar, getting and giving a warm hug... Making special days can be that easy but it can feel like it´s impossible thing to do on some days. Especially on those when you are in such a hurry and all obligations are knocking on the door, on days you look at the mirror and see an ugly person or on days you feel like betrayed or sad. That´s why I have my motivation-good thoughts- calendar. I just love it. I can write poems, draw pictures, make it colorful, put motivating and good thoughts in it, write at least one positive thing in it during a day or just use it as my diary. And trust me I do it every day. It´s a well deserved moment for myself. If you are not willing to change things, grab the bad luck by it's horns, go through your problems or do something for a better future you won´t get it. It's just that simple. No  whining nor not believing in yourself is going to bring you any closer to the happiness. Write at least one positive thing to a paper every single day, put those little papers in a "happy-jar" and wait... Your way of seeing the world will differ and you will change- your brain will change- your life will change.

Days can be special even by planning something great for them. I love those days that don´t feel like everyday pampering but sometimes your day can be special only because you can and know how to love. I do love this day and the moments that have led into this. Without those special moments non of this would be  possible and that's something I would love to write not only on my walls but also across the road signs, buildings walls, school boards... That´s love and it makes me happy.


  1. This is supwe cute!

  2. Lakkiaismekkosi on upea!
    Mistähän moisen saisin itselleni?

  3. Sama kommentti kuin edellisellä! Eli ihana tuo yo-mekko, mistäs noita saa hommattua? :)

  4. Itse sillon ostin 2010 tammikuussa asokselta :)!