Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A recipe for Monday

One of my favorite white knits from Zara

What is this day made of? 

- A good amount of the relaxing night sleep and waking up at 10 am totally ready for this day
- A delicious and long breakfast: porridge made of oats and fresh blueberries with a touch of sweet honey, a cup of raspberry tea and a banana
- Getting ready in the daylight (no more crappy make up in the poor light!), listening to the Passengers and singing to their song Let Her Go the whole time
- Walking to the Uni, doing one exam and walking back home- happy that is's done!
- Enjoying the sunshine the whole day, feeling the warmth on my face - knowing that the spring is already here!
- Preparing a curd with some berries as a pre-workout snack, delicious!
- Doing a workout- 20 mins on crosstrainer + arms and abs
- Having a refreshing and warm shower- doing the peelings and smelling like a raspberry the rest of this evening... :)
- Enjoying my time on the sofa, watching my favorite TV series and doing myself a delicious afternoon snack and meal... One of my favorite rye bread recipes: 100% organic rye bread with no additives, half of avocado, one boiled egg, a good amount of black pepper and a pinch of  sea salt on the beauty... That´s just too good!
- Enjoying my good night- hot chocolate with cinnamon and cayenne pepper and some whipped cream on it... :) Delicious, but leave the cream- it just made it taste worse than it could be! :D
- And soon... I will put my head to the pillow and start dreaming about good things... :) 

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