Monday, February 18, 2013


Damn I hate this morning. I woke up to a terrible pain and I couldn't get up. I hate these days of a month. I am so lucky that I did my lower body workout yesterday, because today it would have been impossible. At least I can have this laptop on my belly, it helps! It's like having a hot water bottle on it! It's calming.

How did your valentine's day go? Mine was just fabulous! First we woke up and went on a brunch with Elvira, we took the best mango-chicken French loafs and lattes. Damn it really was the best start for the day!  Then it was time to go and celebrate my sister Sabina's Penkkarit ! She was dressed as a Cleopatra! They throw candy to the people the whole day ans she was soooo happy! After  all that I jumped to a train and headed back to Kuopio! It was a really nice day to spend it in the place where my heart melts :)...

 If you want to see pictures from my Penkkarit click THIS, and my abicruise click THIS.

Elvira and Evelina- The Queen of the Heart and Esmeralda.

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  1. You two are so beautiful! :)
    And btw, you've been challenged!