Monday, February 4, 2013


I´m so happy today. Saturday was simply perfect and I loved everything about it! Even waking up at 7 am felt okay! After we had arrived back to the city I felt this heavy tiredness. I tried not to take a nap because it has always been against my habits. I felt so tangled that I had to go to my bed and sleep it off. When I woke up I thought it was Monday... I was still a bit tangled but at least I wasn't that tired anymore! Note to myself- sleep when you feel like like that- the rest of the evening will be much better that way! I´m so not used to early mornings... I don´t want Tuesday and Wednesday to come because I will have to be at school for 9 hours... :/ I think that I have to make meals and hot chocolate-coffee a day before and take them with me! I just can´t survive if I´m tired and hungry all the time... especially when I have to be at the Uni and lab! I won´t be able to go to the gym either... I hate that. :( At least I can go running after a long day- that will certainly cheer me up! :)

I saw my friend Sanni and other girls on Sunday. It was so nice to catch up with her and notice that so many nice and happy things had happened to her- it made me really happy. At the same time I started to think about the town I´m living in and the cruel fact that almost everyone that I love lives in other town... It's just not nice. I really want to move away from Kuopio... I want to be able to meet my friends more often. This situation feels just like a big joke right now. :( I would love to have at least one family member near me.

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