Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I really have to go to a hair dresser... or just keep cutting it myself... :D

 1 & 2. Training at the gym, meeting a PT, jogging with no scarf on and getting my throat a bit sick. It´s so dry all the time :D... Wuhuu good job! At least I´m not having a fever! :)

 3 & 4. Working on my own blood samples in a lab! It is so fun even though people are constantly fainting around me...! :D

5. Preparing the best meal ever, It has 400 g of minced beef, 15cm:s of zucchini, mushrooms, red paprika and herbs, then when it´s still warm put it on a plate, slice one avocado in it and put some cottage cheese on it... Yammmmyyy! 6. Baking some buns with my friends Minna, Jonanna and Kalle!

I´m really thrilled about the fact that I managed to do all exams well this week. Like I said previously I had a final exam in epidemiology on Friday and another one from Physics for medicine students yesterday. I was so fixated on studying all the time that when I had to jump in the train and sit the rest of the evening on the sofa I felt just so bored! I couldn't go to the gym and I had absolutely nothing to do... I just wanted to at least go out, grab my guitar or my painting equipment, food was already done and papers and good articles red... Thanks to my Coelho book I was able to read it and I was happy again! Now I understand why people are so bored- because they do nothing else but stare on the TV... I just don´t want to stare at it too much. I´t maybe one of the best ways of letting your life pass by you. I do have few series that I love to watch but I can watch them in the train when I really have no other options or during the mornings when I´m still getting ready and making myself a breakfast. I hope this throat gets well soon and I can exercise again! I still have to do something nice for a Valentine's day today :)... Are you going to do something special?

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