Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday evening

Hello guys, I came just from shower and I smell like jojoba oil and vanilla. I love this feeling of freshness! I´m having my last meal now and I still have to let my hair dry before I go to bed. I have had one of the best weeks now and that´s why I have been this silent. It´s good to have a break from computers every once in while and concentrate on the important things in your life. In my case it has been about working out, spending few hours at school, celebrating the good grades, reading books, watching my childhood videos, snuggling, playing the guitar, spending time with my love ones and preparing and eating good food and going out to eat. :) I really loved having some company here, but now... I´m all alone again. :(

At this moment I´m craving for chocolate and not doing the one thing I should- studying. :D Well I guess that my test will go good tomorrow. It´s about clinical microbiology... again. At least I don´t have to spend my entire day in the lab tomorrow like I had last Thursday... We were doing SDS-PAGE and my head... It was in such a big pain.... It felt really bad, so bad that I couldn't even stand. At least it stopped when I was able to be one hour in fresh air... I hope I could say never again... But I can´t. At least it was fun!

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