Friday, February 8, 2013

Head start to the weekend and getting ready for a night out

Yesterday I went out with my friends. It was fun to just let go after a long time. And now I got all the energy to concentrate on more important stuff for at least a month. I'm not really a fan of going to clubs and all. It just feels like I'm grown too old for that, though I'm not even 21 :D. But it feels like that's how it goes in Finland for many people. We start going to clubs when we're 18 and in couple of years you don't miss and need that kind of a fun anymore and you start craving for just a normal girls night outs, when you just watch a movie, maybe drink a glass of champagne, and do nothing particular really.

I decided to wear my new glasses. I just love the way I can wear pink lipstick with them and not look too put together. It looks cute rather than sexy, and really I'm not a big fan of the latter look. Really I've been wearing those new glasses all the time now :D. Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll start missing the old ones again. And look at those fringe! They've really grown out pretty fast. I'm thinking I'll cut the fringe back when I'm 30 and I want to look like a 15 year old again. But right now I like looking like my own age.

It's so weird that my week end started already! It just ended in Tuesday and now I'm back on relaxing mode :D. There should be weeks like these more often. Though I didn't have time to work out more than once this week. I wasn't allowed to work out on Monday and Tuesday because of that doctor's appointment and yesterday I just didn't find any time and today there's no point on working out since I've been drinking yesterday. It's weird how fast you get hooked on working out. I remember last year I was so lazy and didn't do anything ever really, but now, after a month being active, if I cannot work out for a day or two, I get so frustrated. Even my laziest friend (Eve) who really hates working out is hooked on it now:D. So if she love working out, then any one can.

- Evi