Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bajram and some pain...

Happy Bajram to everyone :) ! We are eating some great meat, salads, filled paprikas, baklava, chocolate foundant muffins, mashed potatoes etc :) It´s so much fun to eat and be in Mikkeli. This weeend as been really rich... in many ways. We went out to Kharma on friday. I was there with Elina and boys like Nestori, Arttu etc. Even if I was sick I didn´t want to stay home alone. We had so much fun- dancing, pizza, talking....- but then it happened while dancing. About four of boys fell on me and I got stuck under them all. I hit my head  and my cervical neck spine (C7) on a metallic corner. My head has a big bump on it and my entire neck is in pain. I can´t sleep in any position and it kinda hurts to move my head. I´m feeling this "hotness" everywhere but I´not really sure is it because of the virus and my lungs + throat or what. I still have to go back to Kuopio this evening so... It will be just so wonderful to carry my luggage. I was in Kharma also yesterday with Lotta and Minna, but the people were so odd that... We just wanted back home. :D Now I want to eat some more so vi hörs !

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