Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good morning after a terrible night

I could not sleep at all last night. I had these terrible nightmares that kept me awake. In first one I was waiting for T to pick me up from the station. It was pitch black outside and no other people were there. Then suddenly I noticed this big bear staring at me. I´m totally afraid of them and I couldn´t hide. I had this one option and I climbed on the roof (I literally walked up the wall like in Chris Brown's music video). I noticed that bear was coming after me and I was in total panic. I don´t know what happened but suddenly I "remembered" that I had this Turkish dagger in my ugg- boot. I took it and started fighting against this big bear... Then I woke up. I calmed myself down and went to the kitchen to drink some water and look out. Then I returned to bed and the second one began... It was even more sick than the first one. I don't really know what happened and this one has no logic at all. I was coming back to my home and I said bye bye to Minna. Suddenly I noticed that there was this man's hand coming out of the wall behind my table and all the wires. He wanted to kill me because "Ilkka Kanerva was from the same city as I - (He is not in real life)- + he had noticed that I had a friend from Germany. Those two things were his motives. I took my shoehorn and slapped the hand with it, then the hand grabbed it and we pulled it back and forth. I was in total panic because the hole was bigger and bigger. I took my phone and dialed 911... Well my mom kept answering the phone all the time and she didn´t understood why I wanted to speak with a police man and not with her. The man came through the hole ans he wanted me to give him cherry fruits and legs for snack???

Yea I know, this sounds... well luckily I woke up. I couldn´t sleep after it so I made myself a hot chocolate and drank it from this happy iittala's mug. I love it. :) And ate some kiwi-fruits before going to school. Now I have to eat again and then study before my physics exam this evening :) Hope you had something better to dream about!

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  1. hehe yllätys et hermina näkee unia karhuist :)