Monday, November 21, 2011

First snowflakes...

Hello, here I am watching Finland's next top model, sipping some tea and eating Christmas chocolate from Fazer. Last weekend in Mikkeli has been wonderful. I went out with Sanni on Friday. It was nice to talk about stuff and sip some hot chocolate against cold. I wnt also shopping with my sister Elvira and it was really nice to notice that I can still get lost in Mikkeli's city center... Well I blame Stella for it. After some shopping it was time to meet Henna in Rami's confectionery. We took some hot chocolate with her too and talked about everything. I really love to meet my friends down there, it´s always only about fun :) When I got back home I decided to bake some chocolate fondue- cake. It was too delicious! I took also all my old photos, notebooks and letters and started looking through them.... I found so many silly and funny things that I laughed more than in ages. :D Now I´m back in Kuopio- one thing I brought here with me is my love towards lipstick! Why haven´t I used it before? It´s nice to see white snow around you and have red lips. What I mean is that people are always so white in their faces during the winter time. Some colour on your lips and cheeks really freshens up the look and makes you look much more healthier!

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