Tuesday, November 15, 2011

hot chocolate, red lipstick and studying

Here I am making myself a breakfast and studying. I don´t have any lectures today so I´m able to stay home in my comfy-outfit. This big men's hooded shirt is size XXL. It´s mine I bought it for our street dance crew's show years ago. It´s so nice to be in it I mean I can fit totally in it, my legs and even toes can be hidden inside of it :) It´s really warm and nice to have on when it´s cold. I put some red lipstick because I want to still look like a woman and... I don´t know why but I like to kiss the paper when I have it... So I usually put some lipstick and then start kissing papers. I could start making art of it... :D You know different collours etc... Ok maybe not. I´ve been very effective today. I´ve thrown my paper traches and my cartoon trashes to the bin and I bought myself 3 pillow covers, one for decoration and 2 for my sleeping pillows. :) I love them. I still have so many things to do and I think it´s time to continue with them. Breakfast is still waiting for me to eat it. :) So ciucau and have a nice day :)


  1. Heissan! :) haluisitko tehdä joskus jonkun meikki- tai kauneudenhoitopostauksen? Oot tosi nätti niin ois mukava tietää että miten vaikka meikkaat ittesi :D

  2. sul on tosi hyväkuntone iho (= ja muutenki oot tosi nätti!

  3. hehe :D no ei se tarkemmin katottuna hirmu hyväkuntonen ole kun siihen jää kaikki arvet pitkiks ajoiks punertamaan mutta kiitos silti :)