Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ziippadaappaa nothing special :)

It has been my day, I had time to sleep as much as I needed. Then I stood up to make myself some hot chocolate and breakfast. It was so nice to eat and sip my hot cocolate scented with some ginger and look outside- the sun shone and the air seemed to be so fresh and moist. I had to open my balcony door and let it spread around this place. Then I did all my beauty routines from peeling and putting on different masks and lotions before I went out. I had to buy some glue, post stamps, pens and some vegetables. Then I marched back home and organized some stuff for the uni before I left to my physics lession. I did all the tasks as they should be done and it really made me happy. :) Then I came back and took a nice long bath in my bath tub :). I love long warm baths when it´s chilly outside, it sort of makes me relaxed and prepares me for sleeping. I still have to put all my body lotions on. Thank God I have here some hot mulled wine and a plenty of nice ginger breads and pie to keep me company<3 Love this evening<3 :)