Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some mulled wine and early lectures of anatomy

I started my morning at 7.15 am. It has been a while I´ve had to woke up that early. I ate one apple and drank some hot chocolate while putting some make up on my face and then I had some time left before I had to go to my lectures so I took a camera in my hands. Yes I can do all I have to do from make up to breakfast and washing my face and teeth just in 30 minutes and less. I rarely do something to my hair if I have to go somewhere too early. I stayed at school for four hours and then I went to school restaurant to eat. Now I´m studying a little bit and sipping some mulled wine again. I love it and I love how warm it makes me feel. It´s getting just colder and colder every day and I´m already wondering what to wear on my legs. I don´t like to feel cold after sleeping in my warm bed. I also have theese little arms and legs and my nose that are always cold as ice. When I have to take my wool socks off my feet and put them in cold shoes it makes my whole body shiver. Luckily I can always wrap myself in big covers and drink something hot :) (well ok except in school... I think I could get myself a thermos-mug so that I could take it with me even to the lectures).

By the way, the sun shone today too. It was just so beautiful. I kept on smiling the whole day and I can see the blue sky even now. Sun always reminds me of happy things in life- like if it´s saying "Smile and shine your mouth real wide"... That´s how it makes me feel and do and that´s the reason I absolutely love all days when clouds give some space to it. It´s like getting some joy among your basic routines in life. It has the same effect as when you see little cute animals playing with you or with each other's. I just can´t resist the good feeling they bring to me :) 

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