Wednesday, May 2, 2012

1st of May in Helsinki

I left to Helsinki on Friday and came back to Kuopio yesterday. It was a really nice mini holiday for me. I met my friends and my boo. It was really nice to see them all again and spend some quality time. I went shopping with H a couple of times, we went to two different smoothie bars Fuel and Ciao and walked around sunny Helsinki. A and V came to her place from where we headed to the Virgin Oil to see Raappana, Ruger Hauer and Ruudolf perform. It was ok because I was really tired.  Then I went to the A's place before meeting E and T. We had a really nice time together and the time just passed so quickly that we went to sleep at 3am. The sun shone the whole 5 days in a row and I was just so happy because of it. Sunday was a perfect day to go to the movies. "We bought a Zoo" was just a perfect piece of art! I cried and smiled the whole time and the feeling after seeing it was just beyond amazing. I could watch it again and again and again and... :) It was just a perfect way of spending my day with my boo. I had this little meeting on Monday morning, I was really nervous about it... but luckily it went well! :) After that I met H again at brunch and then we headed to Alko and I grabbed V, A and T with me and it was really time to celebrate! :)    I had a great time with my duck... :D We had also crayons for painting sidewalks so we made a little artwork... :D It was a good night but we had no time for a picnic because my train left :(

ps. that black on my hand... it´s glue.

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