Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Strawberry days

 This lamp was one of the things I was ready to get.

My days have been pretty hectic past week. I have visited Ikea Kuopio with my mom and dad, packed all my stuff, brought some of them to Mikkeli for this summer, worked in R-kioski and studied. I have had only one day just for myself. My feet are really sore because of all standing at job. I had some time to go out and sunbath. It was really relaxing to feel such a wormth after a long winter period. I´m really happy that I had chance to be out that day, because now- I´m having a free day but the weather couldn´t be any worse. It´s really cold and clowdy. Lucky me I came to Kuopio again to meet my dentist again and tomorrow I´m having another training in here. After that I still have to clean my apartment and give the keys to the summer tenant. I had to call for another appointment to Helsinki also. That means I´m going there next week :)! Before that I still have to go back to Mikkeli to visit Elvisa's and Jenna's graduation parties on Saturday and Sunday. :) I hope that weather could be a little better than it is now :( Finland I´m missing the sun and I´m very envious to R and T now because they are in Barcelona!

At least I´m eating the strawberries, drinking Clipper's hot chocolate and eating :). Things that always make me smile<3


  1. Ikea is so inspirational don't you think?
    I love eating strawberries, it's so sweet and tasty

    1. I don´t really know about inspirational because the way they decorate it is really general in Finland :) I do like some of the products but I almost hate visiting the store :D! I did for my mom :D