Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Now what?

My night was better than I expected. I did sleep 5 hours and it was really easy to wake up. My stomach was messed up totally and it was really hard for me to eat. I was less nervous than last year, because I could sleep in my own bed this time and the places and the faces were familiar. It was about 5 hours of reading, calculating, thinking and more thinking. 5 hours were not enough for me- I couln´t complete 4 of all 16 tasks. The first task was really the one that took the most of time- 20 papers to read,  much to remember and calculate and 142 alternatives. But I made it. After the exam it was time to walk to one store and grab something nice for my wardrobe. Now I still have to wash the dishes, vacuum and pack my stuff. After that I´m heading to Mikkeli and then the summer and the working period begins (ok continues). I still have 2 exams next week too, and this job is the one I´ve had now for a while (R -kioski). I´m tired now and I would really like to sleep... but I can´t. I just have to start doing the things that are waiting for me. Buah.

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