Friday, May 4, 2012

in a mess

I got a flue a few days ago. I felt much better yesterday so I went to the gym. It was so cold outside when I walked those 3km's there that I thing my flue came back because of it. That picture is taken after the gym and before my lecture. I have no time to go to the shower in between so I just have to fresh myself and make up my eyes and lips to be ready to go out. I have to clean up my place now. My parents and sisters are coming here today to visit me :) I can´t wait to see them! :) I hate that big pile of laundry... and I have no wash machine. I have also found two potential tenants to my apartment. I hope we can get to agreement and sign the papers. It would be a lot easier for me that way, because I will live in Mikkeli the whole June and July because of my work. :) ps. If you have a chance to go out GO! :) The weather couldn't be any better (just warmer)! :D


  1. You are beautiful ! ;)
    I love your haircolor! :D
    And you have interesting blog! I'll be visit you :)
    xoxo !

    1. Thank you anni :)! xoxo to you too!