Monday, May 14, 2012

messed up monday

Here I am, sitting and drinking a hot cappuchino, books on my lap and Mtv on. I just came back home, my hair is in a mess because of the wind outside. I returned the keys to one of my employers and now I´m having just one job. I like it this way and this has been maybe the best decision in a while. I have to pack some of my stuff for the summer, and I haven´t even began... I hate the way how the obligations always accumulate. I could start making a mousaka for the dinner. I just love it. It has been one of my favourite foods in my childhood and I´m still loving it. I have noticed that I love almost all of the foods that I have loved as a child too... (mousaka, all different kinds of "pite" such as burek, zeljanica, tikvenica... etc). Goddamn I´m hungry and happy now. I have also found two perfect dresses for the graduation parties I have been invited... :D I don´t know which one to order....! Helppppp

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