Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

It has been a wonderful day today! The sun has been shining the whole time and the weather has been nice. I had to woke up earlier to sign down the papers about renting my apartment away for the summer. Phueew- I´ve just saved a nice sum of money. It has also been a Mother's Say, I bought a card and a little present for my mom, but I will be able to give them to her in ten days. Instead of celebrating it in Mikkeli, I´ve stayed in Kuopio... Me and Minna went to the saaristokaupunki to eat the first real ice cream on this summer. Our little morning trip consisted of 2 hours walk from one island to the other. It was beautiful.

One thing that is not so nice is my head ache. I´ve had it now almost every day, and I can only get it away by pressing the acu points. Now I have to continue studying and grab something to eat. Have a nice day! 

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