Monday, May 7, 2012

Mama's b-day

My family came to Kuopio on Friday evening. I had made them a really delicious berry-curd pie. When they arrived we made a really nice dinner together. Saturday was all about making good breakfast, going to the grocery store and driving back to Mikkeli. I was so happy to see all these lakes again<3 At home me and my sister started painting the birthday card to mama with oil paint without any brushes... :D it was really hard but we managed  to make the river and the cherry tree look really good! It was really fun. The next morning I made her a strawberry-brita cakeand our dad made a dinner. We celebrated her big day, but we also remembered our grandpa who had gone to the heaven a year ago on mama's bday (El-fatiha didu mome). All in all the day was great, we had a chance to talk about things, laugh and remember the old times. Elvira had to leave us on Sunday evening when she headed back to Jyväskylä to work and study. I´m going back to Kuopio on Wednesday again, I´m still sick and I really hope that this flue will go away soon. I want to go to the gym and feel + LOOK good ! I hate this swollen face right now and the amount of snot that is running out... :D

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