Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11.11.12 Fathers day

Last Sunday we celebrated Fathers day with our whole family. I arrived to Mikkeli that Sunday morning, but Hermina had already been there for the whole week end. They had prepared a nice three course meal. We had some spicy carrot-swede-apple soup, chicken salad, lasagna and a raspberry cheese cake. I ate that maybe three times that day and there were still some leftovers for the next day. For a present we gave our father a new briefcase. 

It was a very nice day and for some reason it felt much more important to celebrate the Fathers day than previous years. Maybe it's because I don't see my family every day anymore. After a weekend that has been a one big celebration for me it was nice to finally get a long night sleep and I even slept almost the whole forenoon (I don't usually sleep after 9.30 Am). So yes, I did skip my Monday lectures...:D. It was far more important to spend that day in Mikkeli, right? :D 

Now I'm drowning with school work. I have to return a paper for Monday, study for two tests and start doing a marketing research for which I don't even know the subject yet. So I guess I have stuff to do for the whole day and I've already spent the whole free time that I could have today. Busy busy busy... Don't do the same mistake as I and leave everything for the last minute.


  1. voi miten ihanilta näytätte yhdessä <3 tulee niin hyvälle mielelle tosta :)