Saturday, November 24, 2012

college organizations anniversary

I had this nice party two weeks ago and finally I got some pictures. The whole evening was just amazing. I stressed about my hair and make up almost all day, but after I finally got it done, I could start relaxing.

The event started at 19.15. It was very formal, we ate a three course meal, drank white and red wines and even more champagne. For some kick ups we also had shots. The idea was to drink, sing, laugh, chat, listen to few speeches, dance and have fun. And we did!

After midnight the formal part of this event was coming to its end and people were heading to busses which would take us to an after party. That consisted much more of dancing and just partying. At some point I remember even falling asleep for few minutes on a table. I got home at maybe 5 Am and my legs were so frozen from walking outside for 1 km, that even my dress felt as sharp as a knife against my skin :/. I fell asleep immediately and after just 4 hours of sleep I had to get up, take a shower and start getting ready for "sillis." Sillis is a brunch kind of a party, where we continue with drinking, dancing and having fun. There is always a theme on these parties and this time it was Bollywood. We had water pipes, great food, a tub outside and even a local band was playing there. All in all, I had a great week end! Some people even continued to some public sauna and to a bar after that, but I was feeling so tired after sillis that I just went home and slept for 12 hours in a row.

Now I'm back in Mikkeli for this week end. I went to watch breaking dawn last night with my best friend, and to be honest, I was positively surprised how much I liked that movie :D. I'm a little ashamed to admit it...
Today I've been hanging out with my parents and helping them to spend some money. And now I have to start getting ready for this evening. I'm meeting some friends I haven't seen in few months!