Tuesday, November 6, 2012

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 3 - In Kozarac and Prijedor 1/2

View on Kozara mountain from our terrace- the name of Kozarac comes from a strong wind blowing from the Kozara canyon. 

Our sister Sabina

H and a sunset on our terrace
-Our uncle's dogs. That black one was always trying to hump Herminica.....:D - E
- That´s because he is a humper... :) - H

On the walk

"I had to poopoo on the doorstep :)"
What I love most in southern cultures is how people can spent hours on drinking coffee with friends and family -Evi.
If you yet aren't hooked up on coke, next time put a slice of a lemon in it. It tastes like heaven! - Evi
Don´t drink coke, it´s poopoo :S - Herminica
The best fish :)

We wanted to go to the pool because it was more than +35 degs outside.
0,70 €! Guess what was our favorite drink...
The memorial for the civilians who got killed...

Such a good place to be. Let the mind calm down while grasshoppers chirp, fireflies fly above you against the starry sky, you can lay in your underwear on the warm terrace floor and sip hot chocolate. You can see more stars than ever in Finland and the moon, it´s so big and brighter than anywhere else. The thousand lights keep on twinkling on the mountains and music comes from somewhere in the distance. Those nights are the best ones after being in a club with your friends and cousins or BBQ evenings. You feel totally safe because dogs are released and they are good guards (other dogs won´t come close :-) ) 

This is the place called Kozarac, a little city that belongs to a bigger one called Prijedor (the one we were born in) and the one that will always be our home. No matter if orthodox population is trying to make a northern Bosnia & Herz. an independent state, they will not succeed. We know it- no one will let them take a home from us the second time. 

We spent there only three days this summer. It´s such a shame :(. We really like it in there. So many of our childhood memories are located in Kozarac, Prijedor and  Sanski Most. It´s nice to wake up and go to the terrace, take a shower and dry our hair in the sun, wear clothes that make tanning possible even around your own yard, eat a good breakfast out and drink a lot of Milka's hot chocolate. Meet friends at the pools and hang out in cafées, visit relatives and pet little animals.  :)

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