Sunday, November 11, 2012


New pants for gym and running- I think they are cute! :)+ super comfy!

A random picture of my shoe shelf... :) And my shoes can´t even fit in it... :)

New statement necklaces and earrings :)

After shopping stuff for myself with Sabina and looking for a nice present for dad, we stop at Rami's with our parents... I had to grab a cake... :)

I'm sitting in the train now and it's getting really boring... I've had such a great weekend with my family. Especially this day has been special because we had an honour to celebrate our dad. We will get back to this later. :)

This weekend has consisted of gym, meeting Sanni and having a random evening at Parnells the irish pub, shopping with Sabina, watching great movies with entire family and cooking together! But everything hasn't been just smooth... My stomach is hurting even now... :( and another thing I hate is that I had to return the camera back to Evi :( Buu!

Workouts this week:
Mon: 6km walk
Tue: 12km walk and gym
Wed: 30min run, 6km walk
Thu: 55min les mills bodypump, 6km walk
Fri: 55min bodybalance, 20minutes on cross-sprinter with heart rate 170, gym
Sat and Sun:  a weekend for my body too:)

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