Friday, November 9, 2012

Sneaky peek

I decided to give you a little peek to what's happening tonight. My college organization is celebrating their 44th birthday tonight and what it means for us students is that we get to dress up in evening gowns, get our hair and make up done and basically be treated like a princesses. Except for guys of course. They just have to act like gentlemen for the day. 

Because of my student budget, I decided to do my hair and make up on my own. I tried for dozens of hairstyles last night, but couldn't get any of them to work except that french twist. I'm not completely happy with that either, but it will have to do. It's so much easier to make hair styles for other people because your arms won't be hurting after just few minutes and you don't have to play with the mirrors all the time. 

The make up part is much easier. I actually did have my make up done by a professional once few years ago for my prom night, but I wasn't pleased with the result. She didn't use any primer products, my flashes were all clumpy, the eye makeup wasn't doing any justice for eyes and she didn't even do my eyebrows! That's because my eyebrows were naturally dark. Like WTF?? :D You don't do your eyebrows to darken them, you just want to shape them and make them look even. I'm not sure what kind of schooling she had gotten, but I wasn't impressed. 

But yayy, I'm so excited now! I'm so happy that I've done my hair already so I don't have to stress about it anymore. Have a nice week end everyone, I'm sure I will! :D

I'm not wearing my false eyelashes yet. I have to find my glue first:D And I will put some shining coral lipstick just before I rush through the door. 

OBS! There is another post that has been posted earlier today! You can read the earlier post from HERE.

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